Unortodox self-made guitarist, composer and improviser. Contemporary jazz musician in his own way.

He started studying musical language and harmony with his grandfather (Josep Baiget),  classical guitar with several teachers (Jordi Belza, Mariano Capella, Guillem Pérez-Quer, William Waters, Danielle Kassner), contemporary music (Joan Munné, Xavier Prats) and flamenco (Manuel Castilla). However, it was by exploring on his own that he developed a personal musical language focused on improvisation, inspired by musicians such as Keith Jarret, Bill Frisell, Ralph TownerNguyên Lê , "high-risk" rock bands such as King Crimson or unconventional proposals such as The Bad Plus.


Nguyên Lê says that a musician should be himself at the most when he plays. That is what I strive for, humbly assuming that I am nothing more than that, but not less either.

I devotedly submit myself to the ritual of the concert, hoping to experience a state of liberation through music that, according to Keith Jarret, not even the greatest musicians achieve for more than a few brief moments at a time.

What I play is jazz, always from an open and integrative conception of what jazz can mean. In words by Bill Frisell, a way of connecting with and transforming what surrounds us. But also progressive music, meant as open music "without rules or limits". And, moreover, contemporary: always new music, created in the present to be continuously transformed in the future.

⭐ In fact, what I have been doing for the last few years is, in essence, the construction of a vehicle through which to channel a need to give myself through music that has already been latent since my childhood ⭐

Exceeds in originality the usual average of our musical scene in general and jazz in particular. Essentially improvised music that seeks to break down limits and barriers. - Miquel Jurado (El País)

Progressive music against the tide. - Jordi Bianciotto (El Periódico)

Instead of playing the instrument, he caresses it with a unique and personal dexterity. What was experienced, felt and enjoyed becomes unforgettable. - Andrés Rodríguez (La Mañana)

A brave and precious project. - Pau Benavent (Vilaweb)

A fantastic listening experience. Beautiful music full of beauty, austerity and honesty. Clever movements around musical centres remembering the most beautiful lines of Steve Lacy or Bob Brookmeyer, wonderful changes of melodies, intelligent execution of given material and simply a great listening experience! - Radu Malfatti

Simply excellent... a warm tone, wonderful improvisation (outstanding!) and an overall sense of depth. Solid groove and wonderful dissonant passages. A breath of fresh musical air. - Greg Bannoff

Poetic and magical music (...) full of beauty and goodness. - Bruce Soffer

Freedom and discipline, a graphic expression of music and instant composition that is only possible through improvisation. Ideal to be performed live. - Víctor Nubla

Very interesting. Reminds me the kind of work by Robert Fripp and King Crimson. - David Enthoven

So nice atmosphere and sound. - Daniel Filas


Josep-Manel Vega - Spanish guitar

Mia Ramer - Celtic harp & singing
Josep-Manel Vega - Spanish guitar

LA NUU  (2017-2018)
Patricia Mora - harpsicord & singing
Ramon Rodriguez - tabla, kanjeera & percussion
Josep-Manel Vega - electric guitar

Jordi Sánchez - double bass
Carles Badal - drums
Josep-Manel Vega - electric guitar

BWV995  (2016)
Ivo Sans - drums
Àlex Reviriego - double bass
Josep-Manel Vega - self-built guitar

Almudena Jambrina - oboe & English horn
Ernest Martínez - percussion
Jordi Sánchez - double bass
Josep-Manel Vega - self-built guitar

T.T.T.  (2010-2012)
Mariano Steimberg - drums
Jordi Sánchez - double bass
Josep-Manel Vega - electric guitar

Josep-Manel Vega - Spanish guitar

FANG & MANS  (2002-2005)
Teresa Vasco - clarinet
Andreu Brunat - flutes
Josep-Manel Vega - acoustic guitar

CANVI DE SEGLE  (1997-2001)
Enric Masriera - clarinet & saxofon
Josep Mª Fradera - flute
Daniel Ortín - drums & percussion
Carlos Belafonte - bass
Ivo Sans - drjums, tabla & percussion
Ángel Gómez - bass
Josep-Manel Vega - classical & electric guitars