A project that, from an open and integrating conception of what jazz can mean, brings together a rich background of elements from classical music, flamenco, modal jazz and the so-called drone music (built on one single chord) common to Celtic music, Gregorian chant, medieval music and the ragas of Indian music.

ON A TIGHTROPE  is based on a collection of short melodies set in scores that work as templates for both solo and band performance. Compositions and structures designed to be just starting and meeting points. A framework of sense and confidence intended to be left behind in each new performance, assuming responsibility and risk.

This is the new path to be followed from now on, chasing the great challenge of being able to always create new music in real time.  A path traced with own steps, but inspired by musicians such as Keith Jarret, Bill Frisell, Ralph Towner or Nguyên Lê. Music conceived to be developed both as a soloist and supported by a solid rhythm section.

If you are able to free yourself through expression in music this must be jazz.  - Keith Jarret

Jazz is not so much a style as a way of thinking and a process of transforming what's around you.  - Bill Frisell 

The development of a personal style is a concern for all creative musicicans.  - Ralph Towner

You have to be sourself at the most when you play. - Nguyên Lê