Barcelona, 1965.

My grandfather (Josep Baiget) was my first teacher. I studied musical language and harmony with him and then classical guitar with several teachers (Jordi Belza, Mariano Capella, Guillem Pérez-Quer, William Waters, Danielle Kassner), modern music (Joan Munné, Xavier Prats) and flamenco (Manuel Castilla). However, it was exploring by myself how I eventually developed my personal musical language with a special interest focused on improvisation.

I published a first album entitled Space, silence and wind (Liquid Records, Barcelona) in 1999 and, since then, up to ten more recordings leading groups or acting as a soloist. 

"It exceeds in originality the usual average of our music scene. Essentially improvised music that seeks to break limits and barriers." - El País

"Progressive music against the tide." - El Periódico de Catalunya

"Healing music made to fill yourself up with." - Arts To Rise

"A fantastic listening experience. Beautiful music imbued with such beauty, austerity and honesty. Very intelligent lines, wonderful moving around musical centers and a great feeling for developments reminding the most beautiful lines of Steve Lacy or Bob Brookmeyer. Wonderful turnings of melodies, clever execution of given material and just a great listening experience!" - Radu Malfatti

"Freedom and discipline, a graphic expression of music and instantaneous composition that is only possible through improvisation, collective creation and, therefore, ideal to be produced live." - Víctor Nubla

"It is very interesting and put me in mind of the area of work Robert Fripp and King Crimson were doing and still do." - David Enthoven

"Very nice atmosphere and sound." - Daniel Filas

"His classical guitar interpretation of "Vessel" by Ralph Towner is simply excellent... warm tone, wonderful (outside!) improvisation, and overall spacious feel and depth. This worthy treatment by Josep-Manel of a fine tune from the mind of the mighty Ralph Towner, with solid groove and wonderfully dissonant passages, is a musical breath of fresh air." - Greg Bannoff

"Suggestive instrumental pieces and exciting improvised passages." - Alan Wing 

"Your music is poetic & magical (...) filled with wonder & goodness." - Bruce Soffer


CANVI DE SEGLE (1997-2001)

Enric Masriera - clarinet & saxophone

Josep Mª Fradera - flute

Daniel Ortín - drums & percussion

Carlos Belafonte - bass

Ivo Sans - drums, tabla & percussion

Ángel Gómez - bass

Josep-Manel Vega - classical & electric guitars

FANG I MANS (2002-2005)

Teresa Vasco - clarinet

Andreu Brunat - flutes

Josep-Manel Vega - acoustic guitar


Josep-Manel Vega - classical guitar

TTT (2010-2012)

Mariano Steimberg - drums

Jordi Sánchez - bass

Josep-Manel Vega - electric guitar


Almudena Jambrina - oboe & english horn

Ernest Martínez - percussion

Jordi Sànchez - double bass

Josep-Manel Vega - self-built guitar

SIMPLE (2016)

Josep-Manel Vega - self-built guitar

Ramon Rodríguez - tabla

BWV995 (2016)
Ivo Sans - drums
Àlex Reviriego - double bass
Josep-Manel Vega - self-built guitar


Jordi Sánchez - bass

Carles Badal - drums

Josep-Manel Vega - electric guitar

LA NUU (2017-2018)
Patricia Mora - harpsichord and singing
Ramon Rodriguez - tabla and percussion
Josep-Manel Vega - electric guitar