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What we do

We meet in Os de Balaguer and drive up together to Mas de Gorreta (10 km by mountain track).

I improvise while the sun sets. You can listen to the music contemplating the magnificent visionAn experience that will not leave you indifferent at all !!

Mas de Gorreta is located on the Tragó Valley and the Santa Ana Reservoir. It offers spectacular views over the slopes of Ribagorza and Segrià regions.

We can stroll in the area, the Picons and the l'Horta source.

Free reservation. Voluntary contribution.

Mas de Gorreta

Mas de Gorreta, in the departure of the Source of l'Horta is about 10 km from Os de Balaguer. It can be accessed from the south by the road of Vilasseca and Sant Salvador, or from the north by the road of the Baulons and Montesor.

Sculptor Leandre Cristòfol had his second residence and his workshop there. For me, this adds to this space a symbolic dimension that goes beyond the extraordinary beauty of its landscapes. That is why I often go in search of loneliness and silence.

Leandre Cristòfol

One of the most unique and significant creators of avant-garde sculpture that, beyond his link to the historical and artistic framework defined by the Spanish generation of the surrealism of the thirties, would decisively influence the innovative tradition of twentieth-century art.

A fascinating personality that, from his imprisonment in a kind of inner exile, originated sculptures endowed with great plasticity, poetry and lyricism.

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