When is your next concert?

Please check the upcoming events here.

When are you comming to our country?

You should also check the tour dates. Maybe your country is already on the list.

Be aware that even without having an scheduled concert I use to perform spontaneously while travelling !!

Otherwise, an appropriate invitation should come.

May I organize a concert?

A proper invitation includes taking care of the logistics and hosting the musician/s and the team members. If you are ready for that (I/we don't need much, beleave me) please fill up the booking form.

Would you play at our city square?

I deeply cherish so many meetings and experiences that took place on streets, corners, squares and parks from everywhere. So I'm glad to play anywhere if I feel it.

Do you play at private events?

It depends on each particular situation. I'm fully open-hearted and do appreciate all demands of music and sound as honorable offers. However, it must honestly tune in the context of my conception of art.


May we use any of your recordings on a film project, videogame, etc.?

I use to be pleased about that, but I would thank you to write to us and ask for permission to do so. Before sending a request, please check if you wish to share some kind of collaboration or just "use" my music, as permission would be granted only to those projects alined with the deep source that inspires it.

What about making a remix of some music of yours?

There should be no problem, but it's not nice to discover that someone has simply used your music, even selling their work (remixes o whatever) through online portals under their name. This is neither fair nor respectful !!

Therefore, we suggest you contact us before.


What guitar do you play?

My first professional instrument was a Mayoral Classical Guitar which I've been using for years until I had to find a quality and flexible amplification. For a short period of time I used a self-built guitar (made from a cheap travel-guitar) that suited better to my group and new higher volume sounding projects. Now I use a Camps Flamenco Guitar (including a good amplification sistem) for my acoustic projects and a Gibson Les Paul ES with the Three Tigers Trio (TTT).

Where can I find scores of your compositions?

I write some basic elements of my improvisations in order to be capable to use them from then on accumulating "new vocabulary" to my musical speech. I can share them with you if you wish. Just tell me what you need.

May I have a class with you?

Not at the moment but feel free to tell me what you need.

I've been teaching music for a while and I will maybe attend masterclasses or regular students again in the future.

However, you should be aware I'm not a standard teacher as I haven't been a standard student. So I don't teach either guitar nor music in a standard way.

Respectable guitarist and musician Nguyên Lê says that you have to be yourself at the most when you play. This is a goal I've been trying to achieve for years and this is what I tend to transmit.

Most of times it is not what a standard teacher teaches what better educates us but what comes from life as an ageless essence if you are capable to catch it.


How could we manage for an interview?

Please introduce yourself and your interview idea via contact form.

There are quite a few interviews already floating online and it would be good to read them beforehand, so to know what was already asked.

I'd like to know you better. Can we have a personal meeting?

Everything is possible but I believe that life flows by itself much better when we let it be. Moreover, it is physicaly impossible to hold a personal meeting with all of those beings wishing to meet due to our often busy schedule.

Why are you taking such nomadic way in life?

I have been living quite a common life for years until something pushed me forward to rise beyond rutine andf sensless worries. I left all those things that are supposed to bring us confort and security. Now I feel as if I was born again.

Aligning with oneself is something prescriptive. I won't go backwards anymore !!

I am focusing all my effort on traveling, playing and growing as a full human being. And music is taking me to different places, looking for different energy sources, feelings and inspiration.


I am an artist (musician/dancer/singer/performer) and wish to join you to collaborate.

Artistic collaborations are one of the most inspiring and feedbacking opportunities I love. Nobody knows what will result from such unpredictable meetings, but there's always a lot to learn for sure.

Contact me and tell me about you. Let's make a first step and see what happens !!

Do you write/play music for dance and theatre performances, movies, celebrations, etc.?

Inspiration can come from everywhere and I have always been pleased to attend such demmands when I felt any kind of empathy.