We only have what we give. People often think that when you give something you have to lose it unavoidably. How to explain that serving, helping and giving is actually a profit?

Many can not understand and live their lives selfishly, lost in endless races that will never make them happy. Let's grow up this real wisdom that leads to happiness !!

I feel music. So I decided to bring out the courage to always go ahead sharing music as a way to share my whole being.


After having been living quite a common life for years I left all those things that are supposed to bring us confort and security and focused all my effort on traveling, playing and growing as a full human being. My current project IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD is taking me to different places, looking for different energy sources, feelings and inspiration. A nomadic attitude without a predetermined destination !!

IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD is neither a musical project nor a part of an artistic career. It's my life !!

I don't identify myself with the concept of being a guitarist or a musician. Concepts like those just frame life within its smallness.

Let's live life's greatness.

We are all wonderful beings !!

I feel I'm not just a musician. I'm music.
And so you are !!