This may be called jazz only from an open and inclusive conception of what jazz can mean. In words by Bill Frisell, a way of connecting with and transforming what surrounds us. If you need a tag, I like progressive music, which means "no rules no limits" to me. And, moreover, contemporary: music that is always new, created in the present to be continously transformaed in the future.

Nguyên Lê says that a musician should be himself at the most when he plays. That is what I strive for, humbly assuming that I am nothing more than that, but not less either. I devotedly submit myself to the ritual of the concert, hoping to experience a state of liberation through music that, according to Keith Jarret, not even the greatest musicians achieve for more than a few brief moments at a time.

If you would lend me your complicity, we can maybe share some of such moments.

ON A TIGHTROPE  brings together a rich background of elements from classical music, flamenco, modal jazz and the so-called drone music (built on one single chord) common to Celtic music, Gregorian chant, medieval music and the ragas of Indian music.

ON A TIGHTROPE  is based on a collection of short melodies set in scores that work as templates for both solo and band performance. Compositions and structures designed to be just starting and meeting points. A framework of sense and confidence intended to be left behind in each new performance, assuming responsibility and risk.

ON A TIGHTROPE is an intimist proposal for a contemporary audience beyond entertainment. Faces in each concert the challenge of being always creating new music in real time. A path traced with own steps, but inspired by musicians such as Keith Jarret, Bill Frisell, Ralph TownerNguyên Lê, "high-risk" rock bands such as King Crimson or unconventional contemporary proposals such as The Bad Plus. A music conceived to be developed both as a soloist and supported by different instrumental ensembles.