ON A TIGHTROPE is jazz, always from an open and inclusive conception of what jazz can mean. In words by Bill Frisell, a way of connecting with and transforming what surrounds us. 

Nguyên Lê says that a musician should be himself at the most when he plays. That is what I strive for, humbly assuming that I am nothing more than that, but not less either.

I devotedly submit myself to the ritual of the concert, hoping to experience a state of liberation through music that, according to Keith Jarret, not even the greatest musicians achieve for more than a few brief moments at a time.


Since its conception, different ideas for ON A TIGHTROPE have been tested through different solo approaches, some of which have already been recorded and published. It is a living project and it only makes sense if it remains so over time, being explored in more and more interpretations and reinterpretations that should lead to its evolution, growth and development. 

The first approach in group was backed by Pau Sala on double bass and Roger Gutiérrez on drums. Recorded on the morning of Saturday 16 April 2022. 


ON A TIGHTROPE is progressive music meant as open music "without rules or limits". And, moreover, contemporary: always new music, created in the present to be continuously transformed in the future. 

The solo recording of 15 and 16 November 2022 is a quite explicit demonstration of this evolutionary process.  On 14 December 2022 the idea was shared with the double bass player Ignasi González. Two days later they recorded the duo which, together with the aforementioned solo, makes up the album DUO/SOLO (2023)

This album has been an awareness of what I have really been doing for the last few years: the construction of a vehicle through which to channel a need to give myself through music that has been latent since my early childhood. 

The new, and so far the ultimate, format proposed for the ON A TIGHTROPE project

will be supported by a string orchestra that will transport it to an unexplored dimension.