More than two years of a deep personal transformation as a musician and as a human being, following a journey with no fixed direction. A project built slowly, from one country to another, playing in different places in search of different sources of energy, feelings and inspiration.  

Now each live concert is an improvisation built from the same musical elements that were used in each place. These elements work as words that weave a discourse in real time. Each new improvisation evokes previous improvisations and transports us to the many spaces trodden..

In its last format -INDOOR- an audiovisual display of video projections allows the audience to simultaneously watch images of the places where the IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD project has been developed.

Most often IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD takes place in the middle of nature and in every corner of the world. Exceptionally, in various formats such as SPRING SATURDAYS, NATURE & TRANSFORMATION o NOBILI ATRIUM

The latest solo album IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD completes the previous one -7 IMPROS- with a collection of improvisations performed in Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Hungary and England. More than two hours of calm, peace and harmony. An evocation of the different places that have inspired each note.